Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Restaurant Review: Five Guys

It's closing day!!

That's right, today we close on our new home.  As I sit here writing it's really hard to focus on anything other than getting into the house and all of the things we need to do before the movers come on Saturday!

That being said I committed to posting everyday and I'm going to do it.

In the craziness of packing and getting ready to move, we've been eating out alot.  Either because we are out  running errands and decide we're hungry or I haven't planned a meal and it's easier to go out or order in.  We went to Five Guys this past Saturday since our local store is right cross the parking from Lowes, where we had been picking up a brand new, energy efficient Frigidaire chest freezer, which will be amazingly helpful when it comes to preserving.

But you're here for the burgers, right?

Five Guys is relatively new to Canada. I think the last year or so.  It's something I have heard friends back in the states rave about for the last few years, but the Boy and I never made it there.

This was my second visit, which in and of itself should be promising in that it was good enough on the first go for a return visit.

If you haven't been to Five Guys, here's the deal.  Their burgers are all doubles and you can get a straight burger without cheese, one with cheese or go whole hog with bacon & cheese.  Pretty simple right?  Here's where it gets nuts, they have a slew of toppings to choose from.  And get this, they are all FREE!  I LOVE toppings on burgers so this is perfect for me.

No be aware these aren't foo foo fancy toppings.  They are classic All-American burger toppings.  Exactly what the App-American (Canadian Resident) likes.

I went with the cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, ketchup and mustard.  The Boy got a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, ketchup and mustard and a regular fry.

We sat down with our drinks and the Boy got himself some peanuts to nosh on until our burgers were ready.  That's another thing to note about Five Guys, they have peanuts and they fry their fries in peanut oil.  Not ideal if you're allergic, but since neither of us are it works and in my opinion makes a damn good fry.

Shortly after our order number was called and as the Boy went up to retrieve our paper bag of burgery goodness I noticed that at no point since we had been there had the line been shorter that four people.  And this wasn't because they were slow, on the contrary they've got their service down very well.  People just kept coming in to get their Five Guys fix.

meaty, cheesy deliciousness

Down plopped the brown paper bag and I pulled out my burger, labeled 1 since I ordered first, so there was no confusion and handed the Boy his 2.  I pulled back the foil to see a mountain of meat and cheese and dug right in.

Here's the thing about a Five Guys burger, it's super juicy with a bun that's a damn good vehicle without overpowering the burger.  It's the kind of burger you best not put down unless you're finished and need two hands until you are about halfway through.  It's my kind of burger.  The best burgers and sandwiches, in my opinion, are messy and require a commitment to eat.  That's what a Five Guys Burger is.

sadly i had to put mine down because I just had no more room

I ate a couple of the Boys fries as he devoured his burger, but honestly on this day for me it was all about the burger.  It was the perfect way to fill my belly before heading home to finish packing.  I won't lie it will be hard not to grab a burg when I'm sure to be spending a ton of time at Lowe's drooling over the new appliances and countertops I'd love for my new kitchen.


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