Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My new kitchen

Or more accurately, my new to me kitchen.

Here it is, far from my dream kitchen.  But, even without ever having cooked in it, I'm sure a vast improvement over my old kitchen.

I spent the day over at our new home painting and quite honestly all I want right now is a glass of red wine and to watch my favorite Wednesday night comedies.  So I thought I'd share with you all some pics of where all recipes moving forward will originate.

My favorite this about the new kitchen is all of the natural light.  Next would be appliances that weren't bought in 1980, that barely work, which is what I have now.  I'm all for retro and vintage, but 1980 appliances, at least the ones we had, don't have that cool factor.  

We will eventually do a kitchen remodel to increase the counter and cabinet space, but right now this so works and I can't wait to get cooking in it.

Are you lucky enough to have your dream kitchen?  What would you change about your kitchen if money wasn't an object?

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