Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superbowl Bites: 20 Recipes for your Superbowl Party

I could share with you the recipes I've posted over the last week, or how about the last couple of years that are some serious game day pleasers.

Instead I did some browsing around the web and compiled 20 seriously drool-worthy recipes that I think would be an amazing addition to your game-watching experience.

All of them are totally doable by kick-off tomorrow, so for all of those procrastinators out there (ahem, me) here you go!

Pork Belly Sliders from Foodie Crush - Sliders are great party food and these babies made with pork belly are a great twist on that.  You'll need to run to the store tonight or first thing tomorrow to pull this one off, but it seems pretty low-maintenance for some big, delicious game day flavors.

Black Bean Sliders with Avocado Mayonnaise from Mother Thyme - Though I am a self-professed carnivore, these veggie sliders look amazing and are perfect if you're going the veggie route for your gameday feast.

Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins from Closet Cooking - Anything Buffalo Chicken works for me and I lived on T.G.I.Friday's potato skins when I was in high school, this seems like and ideal combination of the two.

Raspberry Chipotle Turkey Meatballs from the Talking Kitchen - This dish sounds like it's the epitome of spicy and sweet, which we all know I love.  It also sounds a bit odd, but something about it makes me want to try it.  I bet if you didn't tell you guests what they were eating they'd be all over them too!

Duck & Date Meatballs from The Pink Apron - I seemed to be on a bit of a meatball kick as I did the research for this round up but both recipes were so different that I couldn't resist sharing them!

Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Bites from Gluten Free Fix - A new spin on the ever-popular 80s dish, rumaki.This super simple one bite recipe, that again mixes my favorite sweet and savory.  How can you go wrong?

Buffalo Chicken Bites  from Tracey's Culinary Adventures - Buffalo chicken in dough?!  Yes please!

Mini Tostadas with 7-layer dip from the Home of Brit - Dip in an individual little edible serving dish? What's cuter for a party and what's more superbowl than dip? There's 2 more recipes if you click through and check it out!

Baby Chimichangas from Spoon Fork Bacon - I love chimichangas.  It's one of those Tex-Mex dishes that I used to always get at this restaurant in Westport, CT called Viva Zapata!  I have no idea if they are even still around, but this post reminded me of the deliciousness.  What could be more perfect for Superbowl Sunday that carbs and cheese?!

Chili Cornbread Cobbler from Itsy Bitsy Foodies - Love the single serve nature of this dish and chili screams game time.

Corndogs from Real Mom Kitchen - Yes corndogs are more of a carnival food, but hotdogs are game time all the way.  I think these would be great with some grown-up condiments like chipotle ketchup and a yummy herby-dijon.

Pretzels and Beer Cheese Fondue from 10th Kitchen - I'm on a bit of a pretzel kick these days and I toying with the idea of finally making some myself and these have likely pushed me over the edge there.  You have carbs, cheese and a dip?! Gameday baby!

Fried Pickle Chips from Spoon Fork Bacon -  Hmmmm, can you tell I'm sweating this new-to-me food blog?  It's their second entry and looks equally delicious.   Fried pickles are a specifically southern thing, but us northerners better get on bored because they are amazing.

Bacon Guacamole from Closet Cooking - Clearly Closet Cooking is another fave of mine, but can you blame me?  I mean Bacon Guacamole?!  I don't know if I can even speak this out loud to the Boy without having the ingredients on hand to make it right away.

Crispy Baked Buffalo "Wings" from cHow Divine - If you're looking for something a bit healthier why not try this baked take on wings.  I also prefer anything that doesn't include the mess that is frying without a deep fryer.

Baked Potato Bar at The Kitchn - OK, so it's not a recipe but it's a pretty amazing and low maintenance idea if you're looking for last minute ideas.  Bake some potatoes, prep some garnishes and you are good!

Prosciutto Stromboli from Running to the Kitchen - Meat, cheese and bread? You can't go wrong!

Beer Mac & Cheese from How Sweet Eats - For a mac & cheese lover like me, being able to incorporate beer into the mix for the big game is pretty perfect.  Ooey, gooey, beery goodness.

Michelada from the Lush Chef - You need something to drink while you watch the big game, right?  Yes beer is standard but why not try an ever so delicious (and trendy) beer cocktail like a Michelada?

Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes from the Cupcake Project - You've likely already seen these beauties if you watch CNN or read any number of online food and non-food focused sources.  But I'd be remiss if I did a round-up and didn't share the most popular snack for this years Superbowl

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