Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 Recipes to Know by Heart from The Kitchn

The fabulous folks over at The Kitchn shared a list of 12 recipes every home cook should know by heart.

It's actually a great list but it got me thinking about how many of those I could say I have either shared here on the blog or do in fact know by heart.   Click on over the The Kitchn to see their round-up and look below for my version of the list with links to my favorite recipes in each category.

Tomato Sauce - Done, I've had this one figured out since college.  On the list they link to Marcella Hazen's sauce, which I have made and is completely and ridiculously easy and oh-so-delicious.  So if you don't have one in your brain, this is a good one to have.

Chili - I do in fact have a delish slow cooker turkey chili that is super easy and a great go to for a hearty meal.

Chicken Soup - While Tortilla Soup isn't a classic chicken soup it is absolutely my go to for chicken soup these days and absolutely one I have memorized.

Roast Chicken - this is another one I mastered awhile ago, though my method is constantly evolving and honestly, what's more satisfying than roast chicken?

Frittata - I've shared a number of frittatas here, my favorite being the sherried mushroom and goat cheese version.  I completely agree that it's a recipe to have in your back pocket.  It's a great quick and easy breakfast, lunch or dinner and a perfect way to use leftovers.

Risotto - While I have made a Quinotto, I have actually not made risotto and do need to work on this one.

Pancakes - I've only recently started making pancakes, so I don't quite have this one down by heart, but I'm getting there.

No-Knead Bread - I do still refer to my HBin5 and ABin5 when I'm making bread dough, but I'm close on this one.

Pesto - This is something that is so much about taste and texture that I only measure the ingredients if I know it's something I plan to share here. It's so easy-peasy that as long as you know what goes into it, anyone can make pesto.  Plus it great on pasta, potatoes, chicken. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Salad Dressing - I can't say I've shared a salad dressing recipe here, because when I make salad I typically just drizzle oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on a salad and give it a good toss.

Fruit Crisp or Crumble - since it is one of my favorite dessert, a close second to pie, I absolutely have this one in my brain and I advise everyone to as well.

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