Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our new home

This is on closing day before the ice and snow we got yesterday.
Since today is the big move day and you've already seen my new kitchen, I thought it only fair that I share some photos of the rest of the house.  I was here early this morning and thought I'd snap a few pictures of it fresh without any furniture.  As we slowly get new stuff and the rooms come together I'll share some more photos, but here you go...

This is just inside the front door. I'm actually sitting on our couch in this room, under my HBC blanket as I write this post.  

This room is just around the corner from the living room and is our dining room.  We don't have my ideal grand table yet, but it works and I can't wait to host many a dinner party here.

Just up a short 8 stairs is the Master Bedroom. It doesn't look that big in this photo, but our furniture fits (luckily) and I think we'll be happy here.  I chose a blue grey for the walls here, I thought it would be soothing and make for a comfy place to rest our heads. 

We were really lucky that the previous owners offered us 2 desks, which are perfect for our office, right next tot the Master. That frame there is for a daybed they also left us which will soon be together a super cozy couch area in the office which will also double as a guest room.  I painted this room a great lemon-lime to match some curtains I bought  and am in love with.  This is currently my favorite room and it's not even together yet!

From the main floor down 4 steps is this huge room which right now houses all of the boxes we need to unpack and will be home to the Boy's air hockey table.  Once we have enough furniture and we have the fireplace working it will be a cozy place to sit on a cold night. 

There are also 2 guest rooms and 2 bathrooms, but these are the main rooms we'll be living in for now, of course including the kitchen.  You may be surprised to hear that I even made dinner tonight.  We've eaten far too much take-out this past week and I felt like it was time to take my oven for a test spin, but more on that tomorrow. 

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