Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy National Pancake Day

Whole Wheat Winter Squash Pancakes
OK , if you follow me on Twitter you likely saw me looking for yummy pork recipes since today is also National Pig Day, but upon doing some more research I learned that National Pig Day is generally used to celebrate the life of the pig.  I wanted to celebrate it as a yummy food, one where you can eat "everything except the oink," as they say.  But since I do respect them as the adorable animals they are and think their lives should be celebrated I shied away from a full-on pork round-up.

Lucky for me, according to various bloggers and sites on the web today is also National Pancake Day.  Now I'm the first to admit that pancakes are not my favorite breakfast treat, but I'm fairly certain I'm in the minority on this one.  So pancakes because the focus of today's recipe round-up.  Even though I don't love them these are some recipes I'm actually dying to try and since I have 10 more months in my No ReEATS challenge I may incorporate each recipe into a breakfast for dinner once a month for the rest of the year.

Wild Blueberry Pancakes with Peach & Brown Sugar Compote

Coconut Pancakes with Cardamom Syrup from Coconut & Lime
The name alone is what got me on these ones. Super creative and I'm a bit obsessed with Cardamom these days.  Also Rachel noted that they are super light and fluffy, something I absolutely appreciate in a pancake.

Cornmeal Pancakes with Raspberries from Domestic Divas
The diva paired two of my favorite ingredients in this dish, raspberries and cornmeal making for a must make recipe.  And since they come form the Diva I'm going to assume they are far less guilt inducing than your average pancake.

Edna Mae's Sour Cream Pancakes from Smitten Kitchen and adapted from The Pioneer Woman Cooks
It's no secret I'm a fan of Smitten Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman but having Deb cook one of Ree's recipes and add her fabulous photos to it and I'm sold.  Especially since they are tangy like sour cream and aren't very sweet which means you can add all kinds of syrup to them.

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes from You Can't Eat What
Now I'm not someone who eats Gluten Free, but put chocolate in a pancake and I'll absolutely try it out. Plus I know Suz pretty well and I know she puts alot of time coming up with Gluten Free recipes that are as satisfying as the traditional ones, so if she's sharing it I'm trying it.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce from Two Peas & Their Pod
How decadent!  Lemon and Ricotta always make for a match made in heaven in my book and I am certain these beauties are no exception.  I may have to bump them to the top of my "To Try" list

Orange Cranberry Pancakes from My Baking Addiction
I was sold instantly on the picture for these guys, they look as light and fluffy as any pancake I've ever seen and they are completely seasonal with an orange cranberry sauce.  I may be playing around with these for an upcoming Sunday brunch and just pray I get mine as fluffy.

Ultimate Pancake from Savory Sweet Life
Now this is truly my kind of pancake because it is not just a pancake but an entire breakfast cake and man if that doesn't look good.  You've got the sweet and savory which I am completely in love with and you add bacon to anything and you've got my attention.  I think I may need to put a bug in the Boy's ear to make this for my birthday this year.

Whole Wheat Banana Berry Pancakes from my Kitchen Addiction
What a great way to use up some overripe bananas that's not banana bread and it uses whole grains.  As much as I appreciate decadence in a sweet breakfast treat this healthy looking one absolutely works too.

Whole Wheat Cherry Vanilla Bean Pancakes from How Sweet It Is
And yet another deliciously decadent looking pancake.  Luckily the pancake it self is whole wheat otherwise I might have a hard time justifying that insane looking vanilla bean glaze.  OK Who am I kidding, I might make the glaze and just put it on toast.  If you are looking for a super special breakfast for your loved ones I think this is the one to try.

Wild Blueberry Pancakes with Peach & Brown Sugar Compote from Piccante Dolce
These are mine and one of the first pancake recipe I ever tried.  I don't know if it was the fresh picked wild blueberries and the Niagara Peaches but they were perfect, if not exactly seasonal.  I will absolutely be making them again this summer and advise you bookmark this recipe and do the same.

Are you making pancakes for National Pancake Day? Do you have a recipe I absolutely should try for my pancake dinner tonight?

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