Sunday, January 16, 2011

Frosting for the Cause: Dozens of Tulip & Daisy Sugar Cookies

When I first saw Mardi over at Eat Live Travel Write tweet about baking with Frosting for the Cause last November, I had to see what it was all about.  What I learned was that Frosting for the Cause is an online baking project started by Paula Kelly to help raise funds and awareness for women's cancers by having food bloggers back and frost cookies and cupcakes to donate to local cancer hospices and centers.  You are also asked to make a nominal donation of $25 to the American or Canadian Cancer Society.  But when 365 people make that donation we'll have raised over $9,000!

What a great idea! Not only do I get to bake, but I know that the time spent baking will be going to a good cause, and not just mine and the boy's bellies!  I immediately signed up and was assigned January 16 as my day to post about my baking and a woman I know who has dealt with cancer.

To read more about my cookies and two very important women, head on over to Frosting For The Cause and if you haven't already signed up to bake do it now!  It really is a great cause and takes very little time.

If you are in Toronto and baking I highly recommend donating your baked goods to Gilda's Club.  It is part of a network of clubs around North America start in honor of Gilda Radner and is meant to help support not only the women dealing with cancer but their families too.  The Toronto clubs holds weekly family dinners as a part of this and my cookies were served at one of those dinners.  They were so excited and grateful to receive them and it felt really good to bring a little sunshine on a snowy winter day.

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