Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Love 4 Lasagna and other happenings

This weekend brought the first real bite of cold, we even got some flurries on Halloween! After a very warm fall, we are finally seeing the glimpse of winter.  I love the change of the seasons and convinced the boy and my good friend JM (who was in town from LA) to drive out to Cooper's Farm In Zephyr, ON for pumpkins and to play in a corn maze.  Unfortunately it was bitter cold when we got there and drizzling so we didn't go in the maze.  But we did get some gorgeous squash, greenhouse tomatoes, tomatillos and sweet potatoes, all grown locally.  It really made the trip for me since our local farmer's market is finished for the year.  But this post isn't just about gorgeous local produce, there are a lot of things going on in the the world of Piccante Dolce and the beginning of a new month and the first flakes of snow seemed the best time to share.

The first and what I'm most excited about is "Love 4 Lasagna."  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will have seen alot of postings trying to recruit participants.  We at lasagna probably once a month when I was growing up, which isn't surprising considering I'm one of 4 and really is there a one dish meal that's easier or tastier that lasagna.  OK I'm a bit biased as it is one of my favorites, that being said, I think this one dish that offers endless possibilities for creativity and thought it would be fun to get a group of people committing to make a different lasagna each week for the month of November.

The rules I've set up are as follows:

1.  Lasagna, as I know it, consists of sauce, pasta and cheese so each version should include those components.  Pasta doesn't not need to be a traditional pasta but whatever is standing in as pasta needs to be able to layer like a lasagna noodle.
2.  Posting dates for recipes are Sundays (11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28)
3.  Email a link to your posting or the details of the recipe if you don't have a blog and a photo (no bigger than 300x300) to piccantedolce [at] gmail [dot] com
4.  On the following Monday I will post a lasagna round-up linking to recipes.
5.  Anytime you tweet about the challenge use the #l4l

There is still plenty of time to join in and I cant wait to see how creative people get with their recipes.   Click here to link to the info page for Love for Lasagna and to pick up the badge for your blog sidebar.

My next big thing is Frosting for the Cause.  This is a blogging project for 2011 that is meant to raise money for Canadian & American Cancer Societies as well as bring awareness to women's cancers.  They are asking for 365 bloggers to sign up and commit to donating $25.00 and guest posting about baking and decorating a batch of cookies or cupcakes and then donating them to a local Cancer Hospice or hospital cancer ward.  As part of the guest post each blogger shares the story of a woman they know who has faced cancer.  I don't know anyone out there who hasn't been touched in some way by cancer and I think this is an amazing way to to raise awareness.  I am posting on January 16 and am really looking forward to it.  If you are interested in taking part or even just making a donation please click here to read more about the project. 

And finally I was approached to add my site to Beer and Butter Tarts.  It's great site here in Canada that aggregates Canadian-based food blogs and is organizing the Canadian Food Blog Awards.   I am excited to have found a site that helps promote Canadian bloggers and at the prospect of being a part of the awards.

All good things going on AND I'm working on a new format blog post today, that I hope you'll enjoy. Perfect for the coming holiday season.


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