Wednesday, May 6, 2009

YWPWT: Family Favorite Pie

This month's You Want Pies With That Challenge is brought to us by Natalie of Oven Love. She chose the theme:

Family Favorite Pie

This month's theme comes from
Natalie at Oven Love

Everyone's family has traditions, including favorite desserts. What's your family favorite? Is it your mom's brownies, your grandmother's banana pudding, your brother's famous chocolate chip cookies? Whatever that favorite dessert is, take it and turn it into a pie! If it already is a pie, make the recipe with your own special twist. If you're feeling extra energized and willing to divulge family secrets, include the original recipe!

When I first started thinking no clear family favorite came to mind for me, then I realized the one dessert we have at least once a year, that everyone gobbles up while it's till hot and even eats the leftovers for breakfast is Apple Crisp. Now we are pretty specific about apple crisp, we are of the no oatmeal variety, just butter, sugar, flour and cinnamon and super golden and crispy! Now, to turn that into a pie, I could have just made an apple crisp pie, sounds easy enough, maybe a bit too easy! I then remembered that the boy loves Apple Blueberry pie. So in a effort to combine my family's favorite with his I developed these Apple Blueberry Crisp Tartlettes. It was still pretty easy, but I liked being able to incorporate something I grew up on with something that's newer.

Apple Blueberry Crisp Tartlettes
makes 2 6" Tartlettes

1 sheet of puff pastry - defrosted
1 large granny smith apple
1/2 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup of blueberries - washed
2 1/2 Tbsp unsalted butter
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 all purpose flour
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp salt

1. Place oven rack one step about the middle (where you'd normally bake a pie). Preheat oven to 350F.
2. Peel and core apple and slice thinly. Place in a large bowl. Add in blueberries and toss with lemon juice.
3. Unroll puff pastry and cut two circles (approximately 6" in diameter). Place circles on a prepared cookie sheet (sprayed with cooking spray and line with parchment). Place a single layer of apple slices on the dough, leaving 1/2" border around. Top with as many blueberries as will stay. Fold and press the edges, covering just the very edge of the apples.
4. In a small bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg. Rub in the cold butter making crumbles. Top each tartlette with the crumbles.
5. Place in oven and bake for 30-45 minutes, until puff pastry and crisp become golden brown. Remove from oven and cool for 30 minutes. Serve while warm.

I wish I could have had my family try this one to get their take on it. I loved it! The boy liked it but though some honey drizzled on top before baking would've been better, he found it to be not quite sweet enough. I think it's because I used granny smith apples, which I always use in my pies but not often in apple crisp. A sweeter apple (like and empire or macintosh) and piling a bit more of the crisp on top of the pie would give him the sweetness he is missing. That being said he gobbled up the tartlette and I enjoyed it, so I'm calling this one a winner. Don't forget to check out the other entries over at You Want Pies With That. Enjoy!


Natashya said...

That looks so delicious, I would eat it for breakfast.

Jen H said...

I did eat one for breakfast! I couldn't help myself.

The Food Librarian said...

Looks delicious and so pretty. I love berries in a pie!

Anne said...

Wow, that looks amazing! I agree with Natashya that this would make a great breakfast! :)

SweetThings said...

yummy - and looks wonderful. I'd have it for breakfast and lunch.

Allergy Mom said...

That looks yummy. I bet it's wonderful when it's warm and juicy...I think I need a napkin to wipe the drool off! Libby

Jacque said...

It's hard to go wrong with apple. Your tart sounds delicous!

Madam Chow said...

This looks so good - I'm a sucker for anything with berries, especially blueberries!

suz said...

Again, why don't I live near you right now? Omg Jen, those are some rockin tartlettes. So jealous you and the boy get to gobble them up!

doughmesstic said...

Yum! Blueberry AND apple - sounds amazing! Looks great, too!

Sara said...

Mmmmm, looks amazing! I love apple crisp for breakfast as well. :) Your version looks amazing!