Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Foodie Christmas Wish List

Christmas is upon us!  We put up our tree on Sunday night, that's put it in the stand in the living room to let it defrost and let the branches fall and by Monday night I couldn't wait to get it decorated!  I think it's because we woke up Monday morning to the ever so perfect dusting of snow on the ground with light flurries. And they continued on and off all day giving the street that perfect Winter Wonderland feel.  Everyone knows I miss LA, but not at Christmas time.  Christmas time means snow and cold and snuggling up under a blanket with mulled wine or hot chocolate while watching movies.   Yes, at Christmas I don't miss LA.

With that little bit of snow, it now feels like Christmas, perfectly like Christmas.  I'm starting to plan for our annual Christmas party and putting together my own personal wish list for Santa.  In doing that it only seemed right to share some of the things I am asking the big guy for and a few things I've gotten over the past year that I think you should be asking for.  Here we go in no particular order.

1.  Tortilla press - as I wrote in yesterday's post I make my own tortillas sometimes.  While a press isn't necessary, I think it would cut the time it takes to make tortillas in half.  Williams-Sonoma has one that's pretty reasonable.

2.  Sous Vide Supreme and Vacuum Sealer - The fabulous Domestic Diva, who I'll be guest posting with later in the week, has one of these and I'm ever so jealous.  Mainly because I want it to make eggs, I'd like to experiment with all kinds of things, but seriously those eggs look insane!

3.  Ice Milk Apron - I gave these to my bridal party this summer and failed to get one for myself.  The girls loved them, and I love that they are of heirloom quality and just need one so that I can pass it on someday!  I LOVE the Rollings of Cinnamon one and even thought it's on backorder am so hoping it ends up under the tree. The Frosty Tin of Marshmallows is adorable too!

4.  All-Clad Belgian Waffle Maker - is this necessary, absolutely not, but I really like waffles and grew up with my dad making them on weekends and for slumber parties and now would love to be able to make my own.  I have all kinds of ideas and a waffle is something that's hard to make without the proper tools.

5.  Crate & Barrel "Foil" Pie Plates - I have quite a few different pie plates, but I'm in love with these.  The way they look like foil and are RED, my fave color, and that mini one?!  I could see making individual apple pies or maybe even tourtieres for a winter dinner party.  Completely unnecessary, but wonderful all the same!

6. Laughing Moon Chocolates Bayley Hazen Truffles - I still have yet to try these and they look too good for words.  They are high on my list to track down when I'm back in New England over the holidays, if Santa doesn't get them under my tree.

7.  La Cucina: Regional Cooking of Italy - I'm obsessed with Italian food and took a regional cooking class when I studied in Florence 13 years ago.  I love that this is a regional cookbook and am dying to get my hands on it and try out some recipes!

8.  Kitchen Aid Anniversary Stand Mixer - I know lots of home cooks have one and it was something I coveted for years.  Having finally received one this year, I finally get the hype over them just being cool and trendy.  It makes doing just about everything easier and the candy apple red color can't be beat.  If you don't get one from Santa, hit up the after Christmas sales for a good deal.  

9.  Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment - Hand-rolled pasta is great, but sometimes having something to roll it out nice and thin, quickly and easily is a huge bonus.  I'm able to make pasta on weeknights now with this amazing attachment.  I used it for my Pesto Fettucine and it was amazing!

10. Crate & Barrel Theatre Popcorn Popper - The boy received one of these last year and we both love it.  He's usually way more into popcorn than me, but I love the popcorn that this gadget produces.   It makes a great gift for any movie lover, along with some popcorn seasoning and a couple of DVDs. 

What are you asking Santa for this year? Foodie related or otherwise? 

Happy Holidays!

Belgian Waffle photo from Williams-Sonoma.com
Frosty TIn of Marshmallows apron photo from icemilkaprons.com
Laughing Moon Truffles from laughingmoonchocolates.com

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